Five Million RMB to Find the Good Design


On the afternoon of January 8, 2016, the launch conference named “A Global Discovery Tour---Looking For Good Design” for the inaugural Design Intelligence Award is held at the Folk Art Museum, which is located in Xiangshan Campus of China Academy of Art.

Member of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Province and Executive Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province Yuan Jiajun, Deputy Secretary-general of Zhejiang Provincial Government Meng Gang, Vice Mayor of Hangzhou Zhan Geng, Deputy Director of Economic and Information Commission of Zhejiang Province Ma Jinyue, Deputy Director of Science Technology Department of Zhejiang Province Chen Hongtao, Deputy Director of Talents Office of the Party Committee of Zhejiang Province Zhang Chaoxiong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xihu District Wang Lihua, and other government representatives. President of China Industrial Design Association Liu Ning, Invited Vice President of China Industrial Design Association He Renke, Executive Chairman of China Design Red Star Award Chen Dongliang, President of the Seoul Design Center Lee Soon-in, General Manager (Asian Office) of iF International Forum Design Co., Ltd. Sean Lee, Director of Japan Industrial Designers Association Hideichi MISONO, Director of China Industrial Designers Association (Taiwan) Guo Jiecheng, and other representatives from design field. President of China Academy of Art Xu Jiang, Vice President Wang Zan and Hang Jian, and other school leaders attended the launch conference. The launch conference was hosted by the Chairman of the DIA Committee Song Jianming.

 With the support from the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, the 2016 Design Intelligence Award is hosted by China Academy of Art, organized by the Design Intelligence Award Committee and co-organized by China Industrial Design Association with the international alliance of world-class design schools of higher education, various design organizations, entrepreneurial firms, innovative finance investors, media broadcasting as well as other partners all coming together to create an internationally recognized award in industrial design with the aim to discover a group of potential industrial designs featured with technical breakthrough, innovative and revolutionary spirit.

This award is valued highly by Zhejiang Provincial Government. Li Qiang, Governor of People's Government of Zhejiang Province, said that: “to create an international industrial design award, to attract international high-quality innovation resources, to lead the local manufacturing industry in accord with the international trend, in order  to establish a new international brand and new image of manufacturing industry in Zhejiang Province, which is of great significance!”


Yuan Jiajun addressed and announced the official launch of DIA. He described DIA as “to gain the great wisdom, to shape the new future”, and pointed out that innovative design plays an important role in achieving the Chinese dream of becoming a manufacturing power worldwide. We regard Design Intelligence Award as an important design power to drive the integrated competitive power of Chinese manufacturing industry to a higher level in the future.

Yuan Jiajun pointed out that China Academy of Art has a good foundation to hold this award, providing a high expertise in design as well as a high degree of openness, so it would be of great significance to have CAA hold this award. The LOGO for this award is DIA, the water ripple on which contains the meaning that water benefits everything without evoking conflicts or resistance. So he hoped that the award also could surprise and benefit China and the rest of the world, and that this award can be held successfully and this brand can be made known to the world with collective intelligence. Meanwhile, he emphasized that the support from Zhejiang government and its departments at all levels as well as from the media friends is of great importance to develop and promote this award to a higher level so as to bring positive influence upon the Chinese manufacturing and the world manufacturing as well.

Xu Jiang, the President of CAA, pointed out: entrusted by the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province and supported from all sectors of the society, CAA established Design Intelligence Award (DIA), of which the “intelligence” means wisdom to figure out the laws and principles behind the phenomena. Design Intelligence Award is to gather design resource, to improve national strength of design, and to build a beautiful life. We will try our best to make such a significant event. On one hand, to hold such an award is to shoulder a great mission and responsibility with a long way to go. On the other hand, we can feel the pressure from such a new journey and new subject. Therefore, we should unite all the academic force and traditional spiritual energy, rely on the support from global design community and all sectors of society to create an internationally recognized award with great influence.

Liu Ning, President of the China Industrial Design Association, pointed out: Design Intelligence Award is established and launched in order to meet the needs of our time. Nowadays, in the era of economy, our design capability and design relationship has undergone profound and significant changes. DIA makes every effort to discover a group of potential industrial designs featured with technical breakthrough, innovative and revolutionary spirit. With the support of international and domestic society, China Academy of Art, together with China Industrial Design Association, will make a substantial contribution for innovation design in the future.

 Lee Soon-in, President of the Seoul Design Center, said that China today has a very inclusive design market. The young designers are willing to put passion into design and Chinese industry. China now has great potential for design development. Chinese culture has its diversity, covering various aspects, and all in a long history and profound Chinese culture. For instance, material, substance, spirit, skills, arts and so on are all included. Therefore, we could cooperate with Chinese designers through all aspects mentioned above. I sincerely hope that through the endeavor and exploration from all sectors of society, we could do our best to bring brand new opinions and make a contribution to DIA.

Hideichi MISONO, Director of Japan Industrial Designers Association, pointed out: Many young designers may have very creative and good ideas. However, they are lack of opportunity to express their creative thoughts or to show their design in the market. Hopefully, the award could offer such a chance to these potential designers to achieve their dreams. At the same time, I hope DIA is not only an award, but also can encourage designers, and hope that Japan Industrial Designers Association could have a further cooperation with Design Intelligence Award.

Xi Yuxiang, Vice president of IDG, indicated that the independent originality is also of great importance in addition to the intelligence of product for Chinese manufacturing. Concerning the design and manufacturing, on one hand, we encourage invested enterprises to step out and face the whole world, to acquire the world's best design resources; on the other hand, we invested in the Chinese largest designer service crowdsourcing platform in order to make better communication. Hopefully, with the platform provided by CAA and Hangzhou, the land of wonder, given the international influence, we could invest and help market those potential products awarded by DIA to the whole country and even the whole world.

He Renke, Professor of Sino-Italy Innovation & Design Center, stated: Today is a great day. It reminded me that I have been twice interviewed by Business Week in 2002 and 2004. There are two sentences I remember very clearly. The first sentence, “our goal is to shift from made in China to design in China”, the second sentence, “we want to achieve the Renaissance of Chinese design”. This is a dream we hold for over 10 years. Like Mr. Ma Yun (Founder of Alibaba Group) once said “everyone should have a dream, in case it comes true? Here, our dream could come true immediately. I have witnessed the international status of Chinese design constantly improved. But here we are looking forward to the reality that DIA could surpass all the traditional design award and become the best award among the world.

Chen Dongliang, Executive President of China Design Red Star Award, pointed out: the significance of the award is not in itself, but in the dream undertaking the time spirit. Professor He mentioned that everyone should have a dream. As the General Secretary Xi has once said that the dream would finally come true, so what is this dream? In fact, the dream is that Chinese culture should go outside and Chinese manufacturing industry should go overseas, not only refers to the integration of science and technology culture, but also the greater wisdom and manufacturing. Culture as the connotation of the creative economy and sustainable development has become a consensus of the whole world. The United Nations has just passed the 2030’s sustainable development plan, and the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China would make relevant planning work. We are not simply creating and manufacturing, we are leading culture to a higher level, and hope to promote the joint development of our culture and world culture. DIA is also like a sister or brother award to Red Star Award. We are willing to work together to push China manufacturing and creation to the world.

Finally, Professor Song Jianming represented the DIA Committee to release the DIA announcement. He stressed this award should establish a platform served to find good design for good life, to find good international market for good design, to award good design for good market. Therefore, the award cooperates with five industrial alliance, nine incubation agencies and twenty-one venture capitals, and conferred the plates of DIA industry cooperators to the above mentioned at the launch conference site. Deputy Secretary-general of Zhejiang Provincial Government Meng Gang, Deputy Director of Economic and Information Commission of Zhejiang Province Ma Jinyue, and Vice President Hang Jian conferred the plates to the DIA industry cooperators.

The Inaugural DIA Nomination Exhibition and Award Ceremony will be held on May 7th and 8th, 2016. 

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