Second Evaluation of DIA 2018 was successfully held! TOP100 shortlist was released


From March 23 to March 24, 2018, the Second Evaluation of Design Intelligence Award 2018 (“DIA 2018”) was successfully held in Phoenix Creative Building, Hangzhou.

A jury of 19 independent experts from 10 countries and regions selected TOP100 winners of “DIA Award” and TOP100 winners of “DIA Special Award” during a two-day strict selection.

On the first day of the review, after a number of on-site assessments, discussions, and reconsiderations by the jurors, the final TOP100 winners were released. On the second day of the judging, under the chairmanship of evaluation, 42 works were selected from TOP100 winners, and the finalists will compete for 6.5 million total prizes in the near May in Hangzhou, China.

A total of 7,721 entries from 41 countries and regions registered for the competition in the following categories:

Cultural Innovation

Living Wisdom

Industrial Equipment

Frontier Technology

Design Yiwu

Design Shining

Jury chairman: Hang Jian

Jury member: Ralph Wiegmann

Jury member: Xu Ping

Jury member: Soonin Lee

Jury member: Ji Tie

Jury member: Kuan Chengneng

Jury member: Zhao Yang

Jury member: Zeng Hui

Jury member: Shiro Aoki

Jury member: David Grossman

Jury member: Steven Ma

Jury member: Jiao Long

Jury member: Sertac Ersayin

Jury member: Ying Fangtian

Jury member: Yu Suihuai

Jury member: Josh Owen

Jury member: Frank Zebner

Jury member: Mårten Claesson

Jury member: Carl Liu

The TOP100 list of the DIA 2018 has been officially released! For all preliminary contestants, please check the following method to review the results:

Enter the registration system and click on "Entry List" to check the status of your work.

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