2019 "Design Canal" Design Week and "Btter Life" Design Intelligence Awards Exhibition have been launched!


How is your New Year Holidays? We believe that everyone wants to have a better life in the coming year no matter how much it inputs.

How do you think of better life? Of course the definition will vary across people.

With the increasing growing of technology, people have shown the positive attitudes to digital, technology, industrial manufacturing or any one else. Some people would like to keep their high degree of consistency to follow with the emerging technology, the rest of them would prefer to customize the technology life by themselves or others.

What will happen when “design wisdom” meet “future life” ?

【 How to make a Better Life in 2019 】

It is an fancy exhibition that you might love with.

2019 "Design Canal" Design Week and "Btter Life" Design Intelligence Awards Exhibition, finally entered the countdown!

Is there an inexplicable familiarity? That's right, remember the "China Design Intelligence Awards Good Life Exhibition" in 2018? In the past 365 days, the "Good Life Exhibition" of the new year is about to open. At the same time, what are the highlights of the same location? Let's take a look back at the picture of last year!

A number of leaders and guests attended the opening ceremony of the "Good Life Exhibition" and delivered a speech

The guests jointly promoted the launching device and pushed the opening ceremony to a climax

The “Good Life Exhibition” exhibition area is full of countless people, and the popularity is high.

Compared with last year, what surprises did you have for this year's "Good Life Exhibition"?

The largest screen in Asia in Hangzhou's most in business circle has been lit up for "2019 Good Life Exhibition"!

The giant sky screen LED screen located in the lakeside Yintai business district of Yan'an Road, Hangzhou has been lighted up.

This year, the "Design  Canal "Wenchuang Week and "Good Life" China Design Intelligence Awards Exhibition was also held in Hangzhou Ocean Leite Port. The event will focus on the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the innovation and development of the cultural industry market, enhance the development of innovative industries in the Gongshu District and the Grand Canal Cultural Belt, and use design and creativity to express people's expectations for a better life.

2019 "Design Canal" Wenchuang Week and "Good Life" China Design Intelligence Awards

On the afternoon of January 2, as one of the “WenChuang Week” series activities, the 2019 “Design Canal” Gongshu District Top Ten Cultural and Creative Products Selection Campaign and the “Design Canal” Cultural and Creative Industry Forum have been launched. In the selection activities, more than 60 products registered by 29 enterprises participated in the on-site review, and selected from the top ten Wenchuang products in Gongshu District. Among them, the sculptor Chu Tianshu's "Walnut Clip" is the theme of the New Year Zodiac. The Xiaobai brush cleansing instrument, which is designed to sell more than 1 million units a year, is also a popular and creative work.

The work "Walnut Clip" by sculptor Chu Tianshu

The work "Little White Brush Cleansing Instrument" by Han Duo Design

Subsequently, the “Design Canal” Wenchuang Industry Forum invited experts in the design field, representatives of enterprises in Wenchuang Park, and well-known investors to explore the new opportunities for the development of the digital economy under the theme of “Innovative Ecology in the Digital Economy”. Cultural heritage and development in the cultural environment of Wenchuang, the cultivation of innovative talents, and the design of new ideas for explosive products.

Huang Jianzheng, member of the Standing Committee of Hangzhou Gongshu District Committee and Propaganda Minister, presided over the forum

On the left two is the speech of Zhang Deping, member of the Standing Committee of Hangzhou Gongshu District Committee and executive deputy head of the district. The left one is Sun Lei, deputy director of Hangzhou Wenshu.

Speech by James Wang , Director of the Creative Design Manufacturing Collaborative Innovation Center, China Academy of Art, and Secretary-General of the China Design Intelligence Awards Organizing Committee

Li Dongjian, General Manager of LOFT49 Project Operation, delivered a speech

Speech by Zhang Zhiren, General Manager of Lefu Creative Design Group

Fan Yufang, Vice President of China Academy of Art Industrial Design and Research Institute, presided over the forum

Zhang Wei, the top ten outstanding young people in China's design industry, and the founder of Aoge Design, "Design Thinking under the Explosive Strategy"

Zhu Yuan, deputy director of the Department of Industrial Design, Zhejiang University City College, delivered a lecture on "Inheritance and Development"

Xu Xiaofeng, Assistant Dean of the School of Art and Design, Zhejiang Gongshang University, gave a speech on "Innovation Incubation and Talent Cultivation under the Idea of Integration of Production and Education”

Xu Bing, Department of Industrial Design, School of Design and Art, Zhejiang University of Technology

Designer brand supermarket release and designer signing ceremony

On the evening of January 4th, the “Design Canal” Top Ten Wenchuang Product Release and China Design Intelligence Awards Exhibition will be officially held at the Air Art Museum on the second floor of Yuanyang Ledi Port in Gongshu District. The exhibition will showcase more than 60 pieces of Wenchuang products in the 10th Wenchuang Park in Gongshu District, as well as more than 60 award-winning works of the China Design Intelligence Awards, covering cultural innovation, life wisdom and cutting-edge technology. Among them, you will see Chinese building blocks, smart scent player VR, Japanese lacquerware porcelain plate and other net red products.

The exhibition of "Good Life Exhibition" will last until January 21st. Welcome everyone to check in!

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