Yearbook Corrigendum and Recall Statement


In “2018 Design Intelligence Award Yearbook(the first edition, August, 2018)”, the misprint of nationality of “LOFREE DOT Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard” in page 58 should be “China” instead of “China(Taiwan)”, the Chinese should be modified from “中国(台湾)” to “中国”.

In order to eliminate the negative effects, DIA Committee decides to recall “2018 Design Intelligence Award Yearbook(the first edition, August, 2018)” in limited time. The deadline for recalling is within 30 working days from releasing the statement. DIA Committee will send back the new book within 5 working days after receiving the mail, and the cost of round-trip express delivery will be borne by DIA Committee. 

Please use SF Express or FedEx (Account:900665849) for delivery. Here are the mailing details as below:

Address: Room 202, Building 17, China Academy of Art Xiangshan Campus, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China 310024

Name: DIA Committee

Tel: 0571-87200196

We hereby release the Statement for modification and recalling the books, as well as expressing our sincere apology to awarded unit and all the readers.

DIA Committee

April 1, 2019

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