2019 DIA Entry Delivery System is Open



2019 DIA Entry Delivery System was open from June 18th, 2019. DIA will receive the entries from June 28th, 2019 to July 10th, 2019 (9:00–16:00, UTC+8). Please find more details as below.

Operating Instructions for Delivery System

1. Log in the System: Log in DIA official website(www.di-award.org), choose “Entry Management”, click the button of “Mailing” and enter “DIA Entry Delivery System”.

2. Files Download: Download and print QR Code and Risk Disclosure Statement with signature for at least 2 copies.

⚠Please read and agree the terms and conditions of Risk Disclosure Statement, then you could submit the delivery information.

3. Entry Delivery: Please follow 2019 DIA Delivery Instructions for Shortlisted Entries to complete the process.

 (1)Photos Taking: Please take photos for the entry and accessories one by one(The photos will be kept as your important delivery voucher).

 (2)Entry Packaging:

  • Place the entry and accessories in the parcels, as well as QR Code and Risk Disclosure Statement.

  • Paste another QR Code out of the package and you can keep a Risk Disclosure Statement .

 (3)Package Delivery: Take photos to Shipping Labels, packages, etc. (the photos will be kept as your important delivery voucher).

4. Information filling: Please fill in “Basic information”, “Sender’s Information”, “Returning Information”, and click the button of “Submit” after confirming all the information. 

5.Submit Successfully: Return to Entry Administration. The status “submitted” means that you have completed the delivery information.

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