DIA GOLD:IFBOT X3 Solar Panel Cleaning Robot 108

Owner Unit: Suzhou Ifbot Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

Design Unit: SuperDesign (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

Team Member: Peter Shen,Felix Lu,Zhixuan Lyu,Liang Chen,Peng Hua


Traditional solar cleaning often has the drawback of high equipment and labor costs. Even if a large number of rooftop PV panels and solar-powered parking sheds are distributed in the city, it is not cost-effective to clean them by mechanized means. To solve this, IFBOT TECH take the lead in launching the IFBOT X3 Solar Panel Cleaning Robot. The features of lightweight and intelligence make solar cleaning more efficient and humanized. IFBOT cleaning system integrates AI technologies of fully autonomous cleaning, substantial dust removal, route planning, low-power returning and adopts water-free cleaning with a max gradeability of 45 degrees. The robot's small size, powerful function, and portable design allow it to be easily carried to some special workplaces such as steep mountain and rooftop. One operator is able to manage dozens of robots at one time without any physical effort. The operation interface is simple and straightforward, and two replaceable batteries power the entire cleaning system. Besides, IFBOT cleaning robot does not require any supporting facilities or any external energy source close to the working area.

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