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High-End Earphone

It takes more than 500 digital ear scans to create the perfect universal-fit earphone.”

The family owned company InEar GmbH & Co. KG, specialist of individual high-end hearing- & communication-systems, is the inventor of a standard earphone that resamples a custom-made design. Because of the universal design a fitting accuracy of 90% can be achieved. The individual and his or her needs as a design strategy was focused to reach a very comfortable fit.

The ultimate universal monitor system, the so-called “Stage Diver Series”, is developed for on-stage use. The base of the housing was developed by overlapping more than 500 different scans from ear. Several prototypes were manufactured in-house and tested on customers to find the perfect fit. Four different sizes of ear tips help to optimize the shielding of the auditory canal.

The system is available in various sound signatures that are custom-designed for different requirements and application. The perfect mapping of frequencies and three-dimensionality offers musicians, sound engineers and hi-fi connoisseurs an exquisite sound experience.

All systems are produced by using the best modern manufacturing processes.

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