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Nimble is an innovative backpack and back protector concept completely different from existing products in the market that aspires to achieve a cultural change in areas such as snow sports or climbing, in addition to certain professional activities.

Nimble features a modular attachment system through the use of straps that makes it easy to access your stuff at the same time it removes the physical limits of traditional backpacks to allow the transportation of large objects such as skis and snowboards.

In snow sports, Nimble wants the user to relate transporting his snow equipment with protecting himself, the same way anyone relates nowadays driving a car with fastening the seatbelt. For this reason, Nimble allows you to carry your skis and snowboard hands-free at the same time it can be used as a back protector while descending downhill, to protect its user from back injuries in case of falling down.

For mountain climbers, Nimble allows to combine the straps with carabiners, making it possible to move some of their gear from the tool belt to their back, keeping it organized and always at hand and protecting the user from hitting the rocks with his back.

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