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"[Unique sensing]
Secual sensor detects vibration/shock when someone trying to beak in your home, so you‘ll get notification earlier than traditional sensors which work after window/door already opened.

[Easy installation]
Sensor and gateway is connected via Bluetooth and gateway uses Wi-Fi to upload sensor data to Secual‘s cloud environment and then you‘ll get notification. This means Secual is all wireless system and you don‘t damage you home to install it.

[Flexible settings]
You can select number of gateway and sensor to user according to your house size (at least 1 gateway and 1 sensor).
1 gateway can control up to 10 sensors, and if your house is big and large, you can have multiple gateways to cover your house. So Secual suits for not only single-living compact house but also for family or office use.

[Simple design and affordability]
It‘s said only a few % of household in Japan use home security in spite of the emerging anxiety to public order due to tacky product design and expensive cost.
So we designed our devices as simple and stylish as possible to blend in your daily life, and you can arrange initial/monthly cost on your own by how many gateway and sensor to use."

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