Entry Exhibition

KI ecobe

KI ecobe was designed to improve the situation that shoe production workers have been exposed to the harmful working environment due to the use of adhesive and, consequently, their health has been negatively influenced. It is the eco-friendly self-assembly shoes intended to reduce resource waste and environmental pollution caused by fast fashion. Unlike typical shoes, the shoes are formed as no-adhesive structure. Without shoemaking process, the shoes can be replaced, reused or recycled by part and save manufacturing cost. In addition, it is the fashion item enabling you to express your personality diversely by directly selecting color, material and others and self-assembling the shoe, and the practical item that provides convenience because it can be used as daily shoes or house shoes all year around for your intended use. To support the arch of the foot, three types of tailored insoles ( low / normal / high ) were designed considering individual‘s arch height after analyzing ergonomic data. Now, we are developing a 3D print system to manufacture shoes at any place if there is a 3D printer through pattern database for each part with no-process and no-adhesive features.

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