Entry Exhibition

Royole Moon

Royole Moon is a brand new 3D Virtual Mobile Theater, its world‘s first
foldable design, perfectly integrated big screen with high quality
headphone together, also make Moon more compact ,whats more, it moves theweight away from users‘face that allowed people can enjoy a truly
immersive, 3D movie watching or gaming experience anytime and anywhere
for a long time, which creates a new lifestyle of enjoying movie and

The unique Royole 3D algorithm delivers a giant 800”curved screen, whichalso supports adjustable screen size for optimal personal viewing, givingyou an experience comparable to a first-class movie theater. Moon also
detects 3D sources automatically, instantly adapting to both 3D and 2D
video content. The advanced sensor grid and Moon OS gives you a simple
way to interact with Moon. In additional, the Moon integrates an active
noise cancellation headphones which allows you enjoy movie without been
restricted in particular place.

We believe foldable, stylish, ergonomic design that combines audio and
video, delivers portable, comfortable long-time entertainment watching,
will "lift the tide" for all VR and AR devices in the future.

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