Entry Exhibition

Hello Ruby

Hello Ruby combines software and storytelling and makes computers, often seen as very cold & mechanical into soft and approachable subjects. For example, instead of learning one programming language, the kids learn to think like a computer scientist through playful logic exercises. Instead of spending time in front of a screen, the kids might build a play computer out of paper and learn how it works from the inside.

Ruby‘s world is:
- K5 education with properties from early readers to school aged kids.
- Diverse set of characters. Both girls, boys & animals with backstories. Deep narratives with roots in technology world. Enjoyable for both adults and kids.
- Permission to play. Philosophy of combining open-ended play and narrative to technology education. Cute, but constructive.
- Educational. Aligned with the K12 CS Framework.
- Born online. Global, dedicated community. The book rights have been sold to over 20 countries.

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