Entry Exhibition


The current state of globalization and regional/national competitiveness
have been increasing the relevance of conferences, festivals and fairs
for many years. The furniture market for this sector is growing, and
MARCHGUT has developed a stool that meets special requirements here as a
high quality product that is both aesthetically attractive and highly

The stool ‘LEO‘ is named and designed for the open air art festival
‘Leonart‘, which takes place biennially in Leonding, a small village in
Upper Austria. The organizers were looking for durable outdoor furniture
that can be reused over several years and that is also stable on soft
ground like grass, grit or soil. MARCH GUT developed the special stool
in cooperation with the Austrian metal casing manufacturer Schinko GmbH.
It is made of 1.5mm steelplate that is bent, edged and welded, and the
conical form of the legs can bore into soft earth, ensuring that it
stays in place even in strong wind. The robust varnish makes it
weather-resistant and an abundance of colors enables individual accents
in gardens and open spaces. LEO is easy to stack and can be transformed
into a coffee table in combination with a wooden panel.

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