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Nemonic is not just a printer, but an ideation tool for improving and storing lots of creative ideas. It adds digital values to existing analog memos that mean it saves everything printed to the cloud which lets you sort and find saved information. It solves the hassle with conventional memos which we often lose. it will be a powerful tool to help you review and renovate the whole process of conferences, meetings, etc. Ultimately, new ideas can be developed by reviewing all saved ideas as a knowledge database.
Nemonic is ergonomically designed for the most efficient user experience, for example, the compact size to handle with one hand. Additionally, there is the dispenser button for customizing templates and the color indicator for recognizing inserted paper color. It also focuses on an aesthetic point of view, the exterior form of nemonic with its waved top surface and non-tapered sides are metaphorically inspired by sticky note.
Your ideas will never be forgotten and can be developed more powerfully with nemonic. Furthermore, nemonic will suggest a new lifestyle for people. It will save time, make workspaces efficient and let conferences carry out productive.

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