Entry Exhibition

Masashi Sano

It looks like a sheet of paper, but once you pull out the edges and twist it, it transforms into a mass of fluffy leaves and protects gifts from shock or damage. 

To make considering an ecology when it manufactured and used, Cushionsan Leaves combine 3 types of ecology as following:

> continuous shape with low material loss when it manufactured. -> less waste

> Contributive to reduce CO2 when it transported -> To compare size with other cushioning, Cushionsan leaves make a great success for shrinking capacity with 1/5.

> A design that you want to use over and over again -> Cushionsan Leaves is not only dispose and also could use other gift or a display

It is not only cushions for the shock, but also makes your gifts more attractive with the soft and decorative design. 
Ecology-friendly design & 15 colour variations with Japanese season sense.
March, 2015 release start.

As a new concept of cushioning, Cushiosan series were awarded a "Kawasaki Monodukuri Brand"

Cushionsan Leaves is certified as " Low CO2 Kawasaki Brand" because of to contributed and applied as low CO2 merit.

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