Entry Exhibition

FES Watch U

Wrist watches have a long history of not only keeping the time, but also acting as an item that represents our style and an item that brings the pleasure of owning. Change in lifestyles has opened new realms for watches – one of the newest being the e-Paper watch. The characteristic of the device enables one to easily change the graphics of the face and belt to perfectly suit your fashion or mood. In addition to pre-installed designs, your original design can be applied though smartphone application – enabling to create your one and only watch. The e-Paper watch is the new companion to express yourself.

In the online store, we plan to provide design patterns of various creators from different parts of the world. We have emphasized the product design to utilize simple and minimal watch-like format to flavor one’s originality through design pattern.

This watch utilizes the world’s first* watch style Active Matrix flexible e-paper.(*as of January 31, 2017.)

We aim to create a new lifestyle by producing a fashion item
that exploits the potential of e-paper not as paper but as textile,
allowing you to enjoy the design you like, when you like it.

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