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Greentom Baby Stroller

The Greentom Stroller concept is (by far) the Greenest stroller on Planet Earth. Over 97% of the product is made out of post-consumer waste plastics (PP and PET) the remaining few components (metal ball bearings and springs) are reusable. The product is ready for the circular economy of the future.
The revolutionary design concept resulted in a product with only 28 unique components, less then 10% of an average stroller and is platform based so a wide varaity of wheel sizes and styles can be designed and build by exchanging only one or few main components.
The low component count and smart design allow assembly of the frame within 5 minutes which allows local assembly anywhere in the world for reasonable cost.
Local social and sustainable production using local waste materials in various locations in the world is our goal. in 2017 we will produce in USA, China and The Netherlands
High tech state of art machine and tool design allows us to manufacture components in high quality, big volumes and low cost anywhere.
The own online sales channels allow us to keep the prices low for consumers around the globe.
our ambition is to become a circular sustainable social life-style brand.

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