Entry Exhibition

User-friendly modular shelving system

Monstructures are made sustainable, creative, and fun for users to use. It was usual furniture that was bought, put into the house and there forever as it was originally made, whereas Monstructures could be changed and expanded variously as users want it to be. This modular system works well not only in the home but also in the office space, and can be used in various ways as a commercial space display. What distinguishes it from other products is the assembly method. The basic brackets are made so that the connecting brackets can be inserted and folded. It can be connected directly without dismantling the existing module configuration when extending and connecting the aluminum panel. Aluminum frame is designed to be interlocked to withstand loads of 100KG or more. monstructure focuses on enabling a platform to share sustainable usability and creative ideas for users. A variety of accessory kits can be installed using the basic module system as a platform. Although we will develop and propose an accessory kit in the beginning of the business, over time, various users are showing various uses and planning an online platform that each can make and sell. Furthermore, we are designing a 3D Source sharing platform for accessories and parts for the modular platform. Other people, different spaces, different thoughts, different lives. We are drawing such products and services that can express these many different things and continue to make stories.

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