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AX-2 aerial survey UAV

The aircraft adopt the streamline design of high wing with fairing. It has low drag, fast increase of speed and steady attitude.3D mold design ensure each part standard for later process.Endurance is outstanding, the volume of the fuel tank is 6.5L, supply enough fuel for more than 3.5H of mission.The aircraft material includes epoxy resin, honeycomb, aviation glass fiber and other high-performance composite materials. With advanced production technology, it has reduced the weight, increased the load capacity effectively and improved the safety.The fuel tank is made of composite material, which is combined with the wall of the fuselage to reduce the weight of the whole aircraft.
The airframe inner design includes 6 modules:
1.Engine system 2.Power system 3.Flight control system 4.Fueling system 5.Mission system
6. Emergency rescue system
AX-2 UAV is equipped with an AX self-developed flight control system. The professional design and perfect matching integrated the flight platform and flight control and avoided the complicated installation setting.

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