Entry Exhibition

40V DC Portable High Pressure Washer

1, Meet demands--Water economy, environmental, portable.
The demand of outdoor portable high pressure cleaner with features of water saving, environmental, portable has increased dramatically with the expansion of car in the global, improving the quality of life, and drinking water shortage, worsening environmental pollution, etc. We found the limit for pressure washer is the power and water, causing the regional restrictions, can’t move and use. So, we solve this limit from considering user experience of comfort and convenience. Our products can change battery, wireless outdoor use, water saving by self-priming filter, 360o shift, save space, and other functions.
2, Bebefit user scale—not only help to improve water shortage, low-pressure water and scanty electricity grid in some countries and regions, but also promote user scale from indoor to outdoor.
3, Innovation in life-style-- Li-ion wireless outdoor use, water saving by self-priming filter, break area restriction of power and water also expand scope use.
4, Technology progress and expansibility-- miniaturization and intelligent.
5, Impact future life-style-- make life more convenient, production more automated.

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