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This is a precision measuring instrument with scene recording, laser measurement and data logging. The product is designed for the construction workers and interior designers to measure and store data. By integrating the laser measurement technology and the interactive visual interface design, the laser measured data will directly mark in the picture and store the data , and can avoid measurement error and statistical errors.
Product design features is the combination of multi-angle and panoramic photography needs, located in the top of the lens can be manually or automatically rotate the angle, the viewfinder shooting, practical strong, easy to operate.
The Product is divided into shooting, measuring and storage modules to facilitate the recording and storage. It’s easy for us to one-handed operate with the left shooting button and the right measuring button. This product can be used as building space measurement precision special equipment, but also to meet the ordinary family for measurement and image information recording and other practical purposes. The realization of this product can better help users to achieve real-time visual information storage needs.

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