Entry Exhibition

Mi Electric Scooter

1、Traffic congestion is an increasingly grave social issue for China, a country in the process of urbanization. And this safe, compact and charming product would help tackle this problem and greatly improves people’s short-range transportation. Providing a novel means of transport, it helps encourage people to set aside their cars, and choose a vehicle that leaves much lower carbon footprint.
2、The product’s geometric styling is minimalist and uniform. With the 3D forged integrated headset, the product delivers strength and aesthetics simultaneously.
3、The scooter’s folding clamp sits on its headset instead of the deck joint, to reinforce the handlebar stem’s duration and security. The bell trigger is cleverly designed to hook the buckle on the rear mudguard for folding usage. The industry’s first folding and turning structure with an oval-shaped cross-section is designed to make a solid standing and reduce the wind drag.
4、Its main body employs a styling element of track shape in neutral colors with red hints adding to the personality. It is an urban transportation with style.

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