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Intelligent SinkJBS1T-GS-D400

1. Combine the water purification equipment interface with sink perfect, hidden installation below counter-top, intelligence operate on the sink;
2. Water purification equipment using both ultrafiltration and RO technology, meet the needs of a variety of users.On the RO technology by high water rate of reverse osmosis membrane, 2:1 ultra pure wastewater technology is leading level in the industry, more economical, more environmentally friendly.No water storage tank design completely eliminate secondary pollution of water.Maximum 600 gallons of water flow, reduce the waiting time, improve operational efficiency.
3. The new patent design of four faucet collocation, a leading into cold, hot, UF and RO water,solve drinking water demand;
4.Water purify sink provides a new product category for sink industry development, product innovative design gets the attention of the media and markets, greatly enhance the brand awareness.From a user perspective, the integrated sink reduces the cost of selection.

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