Entry Exhibition

halove H1 smart phone

1,With Haloveband 1,Dynamic monitoring system reports the parents‘data of sleep,sport and health to children through the "family" app regularly,Health warning ahead of time.
2, Thousands of 3A hospital online-doctors targeted at 50, 60generation specifically,keep 24 hours online.Children will know the elderly parents‘ medical diagnosis by app.
3, SOS key on the backside will response within 15 seconds and positioning accurately if elderly parents ask for medical rescue.Rescue services covering the whole country 2865 county-level administrative divisions,Children will know the rescue progress at the real time by app.
4,Halove“family window"on first phone screen can make the parents saw photos,video,news etc immediately that the children share in the family circle,avoid parents miss important messages.
5,Elderly parents can interact with mobile phones by voice,even Settings, remind, open the application,etc. Halove H1 identify more than 10 kinds of dialects by support of iflytek.
6,Halove”family circle”can support remote assistance no matter where you are, to help parents cope with challenges.If you are busy, Halove customer service can help parents solve problems.

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