Entry Exhibition

CROZ D.I.Y Digital Camera

As everyone knows, we are getting accustomed to camera with complex features and functions,however, for how long it has been forgotten that the simple fact of taking photos is just for recordand having fun?
CROZ is designed to be a simple and straight forward digital camera;with just two buttons: users will proceed turn on; turn off; shoot in 3-in-1 shutter clicker and another switch to select between different photo effects.Image sensors, camera lenses are sources from high-quality manufacturing suppliers in order to product excellent images. Instead of the buzzing functions CROZ‘s simple operation allows users to simply focus on being creative and capturing the views. No screen is added on so users will photograph through the direct viewfinder. The assembly can be completed with just 4-6 simple steps. We created CROZ with high quality inside body, with wood and brass for outer shell. We insist on using natural and environmental friendly materials, due to characteristics of wood and brass the shell surface will be reflected with touchable print and change in color after certain time of use, which is like recording of time and the memory between products and users.

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