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Thailand is located in the tropical area, which is a bleeding ground of mosquito that bring fatal diseases to people. A number of people die from mosquito‘s diseases every years. The government has to spend a lot of money to protect and cure patients.
Thai Techno glass, in collaboration with Nanotechnology Institute of Thailand, has developed mosquito repellent stones which are made from recycled glass. The stones are absorbent and also diffuse aroma for a period of time.
With the character of defusing, in stead of citronella or clove oil with aromatic or essential oil, additionally the Bugbeat is also a new kind of air freshener for daily living.
Every years, there are a lot of glass wastes in our society, the Bugbeat is the solution for transformation waste to an equipment for people having a chance of healthy and better living. The people no more need to use or touch a chemical material for mosquito repellent or freshen up the air.
Moreover, it convenience to hang or drop on a floor with designed package of Thai traditional arts.

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