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Dental Unit X5

The dental chair with patented technology. Accord with Ergonomic leather design that improve patient’s comfort , not only with metal instrument tray but also can touch operation panel when doctor wear the glove is no problem , overall is fashion and nice. Patented pressure, stopwatch, temperature display function to facilitate the operation of doctors to improve efficiency. The unique doctor-patient reminder function greatly improves the patient‘s satisfaction. Can be freely adjusted the doctor stool to avoid doctor long working time that make lumbar muscle strain happened. Air pressure adjustable pedal with precision 0.0001Mpa digital display, the doctor could adjusted the air pressure by itself easily , can improve the lifetime of handpiece also. The whole dental chair we used imported of motor and water,air pipe, silicone handpiece tubing and mebrane, thicker chair frame and full electrophoresis rust-proof design, has reached the standard of imported dental chair, greatly reducing the domestic high-end clinic procurement costs and patient treatment cost.

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