Entry Exhibition

Series T

Tapole eyewear believes in simplicity and functionality, Based on the titanium alloy sheet material, we designed the TAPOLE Series T. Due to the material properties of the titanium alloy sheet, it provides excellent adjustable and flexibility for the temple. The frame is made entirely of titanium alloy. By using nylon, we offer you an ultra-light and flexible glasses frame that weighs less than 5.8g less than similar models on the market.The traditional glasses hinge is loose after a period of time, resulting in the separation of the spectacle frame from the mirror leg, and the screws in the hinge need to be screwed from time to time.The new design hinge structure is formed by bending the titanium alloy sheet after laser cutting without using screw welding. The specially developed adjustable nose pad structure helps to provide comfortable, long-lasting wear, Even in the movement is not easy to fall off.

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