Entry Exhibition


1. Extendibility – Flexible extension for different scenarios. Including the standard 3X Optical zoom in 4K camera; Starlight camera; thermal imaging camera and other payloads
2. Ultimate flight performance – A maximum flight duration up to 50mins ensure the integrity of missions. Maximum forward flight speed up to 72km/h, top climb speed up to 8m/s resulting rapid responses to a variety of operations. A level 6 wind resistance and IP43 protection guarantee stable flight performance and image quality.
3. Intelligent obstacle avoidance system - forward visual perception system and the bottom of the ultrasonic optical flow positioning sensor, providing effective collision avoidance
4. Integrated design – light and compact integrated body is easy to carry along, with quick installation and ready-to-fly, improving the operational efficiency. The aerodynamic frame shape design reduces overall drag and maximizes flight efficiency.

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