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Movable intelligent ecological water treatment system equipment

Movable intelligent ecological water treatment system equipment is a new kind of modular facility, based on container transportation system, advanced microbiological technology and Intelligent control technology and sophisticated logistics technology. It is designed as a disruptive process for modular industrial. It can solve the problems of water shortage, environmental pollution and domestic sewage and aquaculture water treatment ,while would not be affected by the climate and the external environment, the designers had worked out seven industrialized patents for this kind of equipment. It can be remotely monitored and be transported as convenient as a container, meanwhile, it’s designed to operate flexibly and to stack multiple devices with scientific and handsome Layout to meet the demand of the users, who cannot reach the quantitative environmental standard. The above features make it novel, innovative and unique.
This facility can not only solve the technical problems of equipment integration recycling treatment and the construction pollution, but also achieve the “Zero Emission”. This method of sewage disposal departs from the traditional mode, which is still in the stage of high cost and poor efficiency. All of the above are helping various industries to crack the environmental protection dilemma and make our environment more beautiful.This industrialization of movable intelligent ecological water treatment system equipment has brought about sustainable economic development and industries revitalization which make innovative developed and provided series of viable environmental technologies for the green livelihoods.

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