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Low NOx free inspection Steam Generator

This product is a kind of industrial and civilian free license steam generator, enjoying special state aid in the field of new energy and energy saving technology for its characteristics of high efficiency energy saving. Integrate art into industrial design, the product has concise appearance with bright and clear lines. It is a modulated steam system, no approval annual inspection, with many advantages, such as low water capacity of below 30 liter to provide steam of maximum 1 ton/hour, produce rated steam for 2-3 minutes, thermal efficiency of 93%, Nox emission less than30mg/m3 , not need provide full-time staff, and easy using full automatic operation.
Innovation points,
Adopting multiple minor-diameter and thin-wall stainless steel tubes structure and enhanced heat transfer technology which is independently researched and developed, the occupied area of single steam generator heating coil is only 3.5m2, the weight of single unit is 2t, and the water capacity is less than 30L.
Applying Tapered fiber metal burner and post pre-mixing combustion technology with PLC control program realize independently researched and developed by KLD, the NOX emission of this product is far less than the required value in the latest national standard. And the product has been equipped full automatic control system, this can realize full-time unattended operation.
Integrate appearance art into industrial product design, this will give an entirely new meaning to boiler products.

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