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Dish washing detergent [Yashinomi senzai Premium Power]

Yashinomi " Premium Power", designed by hers design inc.and produced by Saraya, is a new generation of kitchenware. With "Smart Supply" as a theme, we designed a product that is "clean and easy to use", "gentle to the skin", and "ecologically considerate."
It comes with a set of kitchen detergent in a bag with a stylish reusable stand.
It solves the problem of the conventional "refill" method such as;
1) taking time to transfer a refill liquid into a reusable bottle.
2) messy hands and surrounding area due to a spilling problem when refilling.
3) bottle needs to be washed and dried before refilling.
4) wasting residual liquid in a refill bag
We have resolved above problems by "easy replacing bag" together with a durable and stylish design "stand".
In this new design, you will not waste liquid by spilling when refill as a detergent bag can be exchanged completely by removing the used one and inserting a new one with replaced pump.
You don't have to wash and dry an empty bottle any more. Replacing the bottle cannot be more hygienic.
What's more, with a transparent detergent bag, you can easily see the remaining amount.
The design is to beautifully blend into your household kitchen, creating a simple and clean tone.
Saraya's Yashinomi "premium Power" has it all with function and beauty, promised to be the next generation of kitchenware standard.

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