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H3C UniStor X10000 G3 Massive Scale-Out Storage

H3C UniStor X10000 G3 Massive Scale-Out Storage Series is designed with an innovative, fully distributed architecture to address the ever-growing storage demands that traditional storage systems can hardly address in this cloud age.
Architectural innovation enables the storage series to support 288 nodes in a single cluster, offering 50000 TB of capacity and 1.5 GB/s bandwidth at a single node.
Built with high-density drive slots in a small footprint and full indigenous software and hardware configuration, the storage series offers incomparable performance in energy efficiency, security, and controllability, which are critical for data center clouds.
Use of the Fibonacci sequence in security bezel design adds natural balance and vitality to the overall robust chassis view.
In a short period of time, the storage series has successfully advanced into cloud computing, big data, and IoT segments with a market share of over 10% and an estimated sales revenue of RMB 0.5 billion. The series will continue to offer strong cloud storage support for government cloud, Internet+, smart city, and public services in China.

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