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The V300 project is a conceptual design proposal for the small-to-medium scale ceramics ware industry that focuses on the improvement of slip-cast molds and the incorporation of 3d printing as part of the process.

Traditionally slip casting ceramic products is done using plaster molds, these have a limited life span and produce one product at a time and so a mother mold is used to produce many plaster molds.

The V300 mother mold consists of two parts: an injection molded "box" and 3d printed "plate" - this part includes all customized features- "half" of the final products design (for concentric products) as well as moving parts.

The plaster molds have improvements such as hand grips, pouring/filling spout, codification, strap closure geometry, air-separation inlets etc.

Design as a means of looking not at products but rather at the products that make products.

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