Entry Exhibition


1. Value in use: It combines the unique dark tea fermentation process and the experience of new concept packaging. it makes people feel like the fading effect of the strokes of Chinese characters at the same time.
2. Value in culture: Stroke is the carrier of the Chinese character, and the Chinese character is the root of the continuation of the traditional culture. To alert ourselves over a cup of tea, we should not let the root and carrier of the spreading culture die in our generation.
3. Value in spirit: It demonstrates the spirit of the Chinese people and boost our confidence of Chinese culture.
4. Economic:The product is designed for more than 500 Confucius institutes around the world in order to disseminate the Chinese character culture.
5. Environmental protection:The product packaging takes straw from wheat without chemical blending or bleaching and it can be directly contacted with food.Discarded packaging can be used as a teaching tool to help special populations to recognize Chinese characters.
6. Craftsmanship: The product packaging is finished by crushing, cooking and slurry processing technology. It completely retains its original color , 70 days can be completely degraded。

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