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MOAI: World's First App-controlled Robot Helps Keep Aquarium Connected and Clean
MOAI takes aquarium to next level by adding a robot helps keep fishtank clean, while also allowing users to capture and share aquarium wonders with friends.
Aquarium hobbyists can’t always be around to see what’s happening in their aquarium. With MOAI, they don’t have to be. Just connect it to home WiFi and explore aquarium live in beautiful HD.
MOAI prevents algae from building up on aquarium glass, keeps aquarium clean and healthy.
MOAI has a ultrasound navigation system so it knows where it is on aquarium and where it has already cleaned.
The robot will go back to its home base to re-dock when it needs to charge or is finished cleaning.
The MOAI mobile app allows user to control and monitor robot remotely using a smartphone or tablet device – at home, or on the move.
For the novice or the experienced hobbyists, the MOAI is designed to enhance the natural beauty of aquascape even amidst a busy urban lifestyle.
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