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Loewe Bild 5

The bild 5 was created by Bodo Sperlein for German technology company Loewe. Having previously relied upon their historical eminence, the bild 5 was used as a flagship product to re-establish Loewe as an engaging, forward-thinking brand.

As Creative Director, Sperlein implemented initiatives to soften the ultra-masculine, clinical aesthetic usually associated with technology companies, and gain a more relatable, unisex appeal. He introduced fabrics and contours to Loewe’s showroom and reflects this in the bild 5’s material palette, with its warm wood and bespoke fabric sound bar.

The unusual use of natural materials in technology design raises the profile of the product as an object of craftsmanship, much like furniture. With Loewe’s factory based in Bavarian Germany, using wood revives the connection between the traditional past and contemporary design. The wooden structure imbues the television with a timeless quality, which enhances the perceived value of the product and improves its longevity, countering today’s throw-away consumer culture.

Available in Silver Oak, stained Black Oak or high gloss Piano Black finish, the stand is available as a wall-mount, table stand or floor stand. This modular approach to design allows for a smart and efficient manufacturing process, as well as allowing the buyer to choose an individual configuration.
The bild 5 illustrates a rejuvenation of the Loewe brand identity. With a combination of elegant visuals and high quality, integrated audio, it redefines Loewe as a design-led brand and a leading competitor in home technologies.

Through the blend of futuristic OLED technology, warm minimalism and classical connotations, the bild 5 has been deemed ‘technology with soul’, bringing Loewe’s historic past and innovative future together.

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