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Smart Dental Detector

The "Health China 2030" proposed that the decay prevalence rate of children under age 12 should be controlled within 25% and it brook no delay to prevent tooth decay. Smart Dental Detector is specially designed for the prevention and detection of dental caries. Specific light source allows plaque to be visible, which is the cause of oral disease and invisible by eyes. Through Wi-Fi hotspot, it will connect to supporting APP for real-time observation, detection, photography, storage, analysis and free consultation with professional dentists to help users master their oral condition in time. It fundamentally severs pathogenic source which meets both of the family use and medical use. It helps to relieve the tension between doctors and patients, to improve the working efficiency and to create new myths for oral health. Professional shape design, simple and aesthetic, wireless, easy to operate, and integrate with packaging, storage, charging and disinfection as a system. The product can be easily taken from the box. During charging, UV disinfection light will be activated, which spares tedious operation procedure.

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