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TOYOTA electric counter forklift 8FBN series

This forklift pursues the essence as a material handling machine and has the following excellent features for working safely, comfortably and efficiently.

By high-mounted rear axle and TOYOTA's own system 'SAS-ε', it’s provide the stability during cargo handling and driving.
Excellent durability has been achieved by thoroughly reviewing exterior plate parts, changing the vehicle structure to comply with IPX4, and so on.
Battery usage monitoring, temperature control and other battery protection systems extend battery life.
AC and power regeneration system, it increased energy efficiency and extended the operation time.
A comfortable working environment with good visibility, controls arranged by ergonomics, easy accessible cabin etc.
This model collects operation data and corresponds to a telematics system 'Toyota I_Site ' that customers can see on personal computers or mobile devices. Contribute to total efficiency improvement.

Family design
In order to raise the brand image, based on our design philosophy "Smart Tough" we use design elements in common with other models.

Overall design
It’s a design that expresses powerfulness and agility, which is an image required for forklift while giving priority to functionality.

Design Details for function
The wedge frame and the kicked-up line shown the dynamism of a forklift.
Sidecover design makes the similar look with other TOYOTA models.
Step shaped to get on and off easily.
Counter weight shape helps operator to recognise the truck shape.

Designed for China
It was designed on the premise of producing in China.
It’ll mainly sell in the Chinese market.

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