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YP-18B Case Packer

YP-18B Case Packer production line is designed based on advanced automation technology. It creatively give a new product image to the traditional packaging machine by concise design language. Thus, meet modern manufacturing enterprises’ needs which is safe, efficient and stable automated packaging and assembly line working. It has concise and bright color design, and with the use of LED ambient light, brings a sense of technology and vitality to the production line. Its component structures are designed carefully to ensure that each parts of the production line can be precisely assembled, therefore, bring a qualitative leap for fine design of the whole production line. YP-18B Case Packer production line has a friendly-interface, safe, comfortable and easy maintenance operating space. All these respects’ design demonstrate the respect to the operator. The protective components of YP-18B Case Packer production line are made of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. It fully reflect that the enterprise initiative assume the social responsibility of sustainable development. After launch, the production line have received lots positive evaluation from the same industry users. It not only have create a successful business value for manufacturing enterprise, but also played a typical demonstration role in the application of industrial design in the field of packaging equipment manufacturing.

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