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Geely Emgrand GS

Geely Emgrand GS is a distinctive crossover SUV possessed of smart start-stop system, auto-braking and “self-breathing” features. With sporty aesthetic design, being superior in intelligent safety and green design, it establishes a new benchmark in the city crossover SUV market.
Integrating both “dynamic” and “static” artistic conception in design, Emgrand GS demonstrates a distinctive crossover style with dynamic and fashionable front, stereoscopic waist line, cool roof with panorama sky curtain and waterfall back styling.
Safety identification circle, with 6 layers of protection including Driver Assistant System and Active Safety System, is applied to ensure safe driving.
The ecological purification cabin monitors real-time inner air quality, automatically switches internal and external circulation and cuts off the polluted air from entering into the vehicle. It also purifies PM2.5 and discomposes formaldehyde so as to guarantee occupants’ health.
Geely Emgrand GS went into market in May of 2016, enjoying a cumulative sales volume of more than 200,000 and sales value of RMB15 billion.

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