Entry Exhibition


The "FUTURE 3.0" is an all-in-one,from the sole to the upper, 3D-printed running shoe. The design is a major breakthrough in the field of 3D printing innovation by selective laser sintering. It created a soft cushioning, lightweight and extraordinarily comfortable experience. At the same time, it leads the trends in the industry and avoids being confined to the competition in 3D printing midsoleThe "FUTURE 3.0" is also based on personal unique biomechanical performance of personalized running shoes, combined with three-dimensional foot scanning technology.Bionic shape made running shoes seamless convergence of elements to achieve the overall operation. In order to better reflect the ultimate design concept of comfort, it equipped with a quick tie system to replace the traditional shoelaces. Runners do not need to squat and tie laces with two hands,but done in one second with one hand quickly and conveniently. Shoe opening into a V-shaped, and the use of the guide groove design, eliminating the pressure point. Unlike the traditional sports shoelace will be loosened, there is no risk of trip, comfortable and safe. FUTURE 3.0 gather the best technology of Peak Sports.It is a milestone to the company's creating road of " what you think is what you get ".

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