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RAL COLORCATCH NANO – a colour measuring tool with worldwide innovative technology was
launched in 2016 and already received 2017 design award from Red Dot and German Design Award.
As the first colorimeter ever, RAL COLORCATCH NANO records up to five colours simultaneously,
regardless of size and condition of the surface or material. The picture is enlarged to six times its
size, while shadows and dirt are at the same time eliminated, thereby reaching highest precision in
colour measurement. Because of the connection with the RAL App iCOLOURS, the closest RAL
colour or a colour from another preselected colour collection appears on screen. The selected colour shade can then be directly transferred to a photographed object and shared via e-mail. This way,
architects, painters, designers and the producing industry will work more professionally, time-saving and customer oriented. RAL COLORCATCH NANO allows people to catch colour anytime and
anywhere. It transfers the catched colours into standard colours and provide harmonious colors
suggestions. It makes people’s life colorful and easier.

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