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Feugrande Electric jet gas stove

High end environmental health gas cooker (brand, intelligent, side - oriented) will be the main product of the future gas stove market.
Product advantage
Low emission: toxic gas generated by gas combustion, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide, and low emission value. CO emission value is within 1/5 of the national standard (500PPM). There is no difference between family discharge value and laboratory emission value.
Low energy consumption: gas home high pressure source control, combustion heat has characteristics of the fire throttling low-pressure gas, without the need of two air oxygen combustion, reducing the cold air flow, reducing heat consumption.
Fast cooking: dynamic combustion, fast flame speed, heat transfer heat target quickly, no hot oil, reduce oil smoke, nutrition is not lost.
High safety: software intelligent control design, searching and searching the ignition system, combustion system, human operation and other aspects. Problems prompt prompt, automatically shut down the gas valve.

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