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Vibram Furoshiki

Vibram, the world leader in the high-performance sole industry related to outdoor, leisure, work, fashion, orthopaedic and reparation activities for the past 80 years, presents the Vibram FUROSHIKI “The wrapping sole” collection. This innovative sole is an entirely novel concept that has no equal in the world of footwear.

Vibram FUROSHIKI “The wrapping sole” is a unique project that can boast a revolutionary, breakthrough concept that draws inspiration from the ancient Japanese art of wrapping items in cloth to carry them to create a shoe with a dynamic-structured sole, adaptable to foot diversity through the wrapping modality.

These shoes feature four key concepts: portable, easy on, multi-use and multi-fit. A shoe that is perfect for all those "in between" occasions that adapts to the anatomy of the foot thanks to the ergonomic straps that wrap around the ankle, allowing an easy fit with the utmost flexibility, all with the protection that comes guaranteed by the Vibram® XS City compound sole.

The new Vibram FUROSHIKI “The wrapping sole” are light, sophisticated and colorful. Easy to carry around, these shoes are suitable for different situations: for leisure time and to travel, pre and after sport sessions, to go to the office and walk around the city. The Vibram FUROSHIKI “The wrapping sole” is your everyday-shoes!

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