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Robam- central range hood

Robam central range hood is the first residential cooking fume solution which has subversive significance to traditional kitchen fume extraction mode in the industry. Through centralized collection, integrated handling, source control and two-way reduction of residential fumes, it effectively reduces pollution of atmosphere during home cooking fume emission and harm on human health. This range hood improves fume extraction rate of public flue by more than 40% and its purification rate of PM2.5 generated by fumes is up to 93% or higher. This range hood not only reduces residential fumes (external pollutant) effectively, but also prevents fume returning and tainting in kitchen, in order to improve kitchen environment and protect health of residents in high-storeyed residence quarters. This central range hood will also facilitate people to pursue healthy and green life style, improve urban residential environment, provide technical support for development and popularization of green building, and has great significance to building of a beautiful China and development of ecological and sustainable society.

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