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Wisdom seal

At present the traditional seal need to apply the registration manually when on using, it is a tedious effort, and it is out of control,there are many criminal news about the official seal reported. it is hard and tedious for the enterprise and public institution to control the Seal.
Therfore,the Wisdom Seal was come out from traditional and with innovation high tech function: need password input,fingerprint identification,Photographic record, etc. When the seal be enclosed into the device and set the password, verify the fingerprint, then be used easily.and take a photo for recording and stockpile the record in time,it is flexible. it is effective for protecting the using of the seal,embezzle and reduce the crime, then improve the social integrity, the owner of the seal can use the stam more safer and manage the seal normatively,and make a record for the using, tracking the history information about the search, storage,to avoid the abuse of the power.

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