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JMGO P2 Smart Portable Theater

JMGO P2 is a smart projector with ultimate simplicity and portability.
JMGO P2 is a creative smart portable projector. With built-in large battery capacity, it breaks the limitation of wired power connection indoors, and makes outdoor-movie-viewing experience possible. JMGO P2 builds a bridge between the user and the product with inventive design and top-performance techniques. It provides a new way of interaction and brings users creatively audiovisual experience. JMGO P2 perfectly explains our product concept that "where there is JMGO, there is cinema."
JMGO P2 breaks the stereotype of a "projector" among normal users, and redefines the industry. In the mean time promoting the new lifestyle of entertainment. By combining the idea of ultimate simplicity and technology of a smart projector, to create a convenient experience with big screens for all users.

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