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Niu M Electric Scooter

Electric Scooter has been produced in China market for many years. Its impression for the general consumers has always been unsafe and low quality; therefore, it is not a desirable transportation for young urban commuters. The ultimate goal of Niu Technologies is to create a sustainable lifestyle brand for green influences. We try to rethink and redefine what electric energy means to the future transportation. M1 is a cool and fresh looking electric scooter which designed for young unban users. Slim, modern, chic and intuitive are the core attributes for designing M1 from inside out. We believe a good design should bring people joyful experience; therefore the team has done intensive testing and muck-ups for ergonomics study. Besides the comfortable seating posture, we also rethink the features of the controls for the easy and intuitive operating. To keep M1’s aesthetic clean and flowing, the exterior is constructed by minimum plastic housings to achieving the holistic unit body look and feel. By adding the central shock and high strength aluminum alloy swing arms, the engineering outcome ensures the best riding performance as well as safety and comfort. The circular LED headlight is the inherited signature element from N1 which now embedded with a smart light sensor for adjusting the high / low beam automatically. The Niu App2.0 is also smarter than ever for accurate thief tracking, road condition and mileage reminder, etc. Overall, M1 is not only an elegant scooter but also a reliable, thoughtful and smart two-wheeler for unban users to commute in style.

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