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XiaoYi Translation Machine

XiaoYi Translation Machine is an intelligent translator of iFLYTEK. Based on iFLYTEK’s latest neural network translation technologies, this product supports quick and accurate translation between Chinese and English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Uyghur language and Tibetan language. The world’s first NMT offline engine within the product enables the translation machine to translate without network. More than 40 million pairs of sentences cover daily life topics. Furthermore, our professional resource management team continuously optimizes core technology.
Currently, XiaoYi has reached the level of College English Test-6 in daily life translation, which means that this product can be applied in scenarios such as language study, overseas travel and business task. In addition, the useful and entertaining intelligent voice assistant function makes XiaoYi the user’s assistant in daily life and travel. XiaoYi has provided language services to six continents and more than 130 nations around the world so far. In the future, we will add more language study resources and more languages.

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